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Whatsapp free download from softonic

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WhatsApp, is commonly used in mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry) but sometimes apetecería use in PC, right ?. With the release of WhatsApp for PC you can do in the end: you only need to settle a small app to chat with your friends on your Windows PC or Mac . It works well, true.

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WhatsApp Web now as a native app

Perhaps you know WhatsApp Web , the browser version of WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp for PC is exactly the same, only now to use this feature you must not enter Firefox, Chrome or the like, but can do so by installing an app on your computer.

WhatsApp for PC is very similar to the mobile version of this app messaging, and so if you use it often will not cost you become familiar with it. In WhatsApp for Windows and Mac you have all the functions expected of the app: chat, send pictures, documents and notes, create and manage groups, change your profile photo

Yes, although it has some limitations : no sharing location and also add new contacts , because your contact list is what you have on your mobile phone … Exactly, although WhatsApp for PC is a comfortable option for chat does not prevent that you must rely on your phone for use.

But everything has a

To use WhatsApp for PC you must scan a QR code on your phone, just as was done in WhatsApp Web. If the install you have questions about this procedure , click here , we offer a complete tutorial on this subject.

After scanning the code, the WhatsApp account you have on your phone is associated with your PC and you can start chatting. Options in the desktop app are beautifully arranged (reminiscent WhatsApp for Android ). The truth is that will not cost you find anything and is a pleasure to chat at high speed through the keyboard. In addition, if you have webcam and / or microphone you can send photos to make finished and voice notes as in the phone app.

This aspect, along with the option to send files is very útile in WhatsApp for PC, since, in general, connections computer usually faster than mobile, so it takes less to send and receive files.

So WhatsApp for PC works fine but depends entirely on your phone: your PC can chat as long as your phone is on and an Internet connection (either Wi-Fi or data). With this limitation the app is far from its rivals, LINE and Telegram, yes they have genuine standalone desktop apps.

The wait was worth it?

WhatsApp users have been asking for a PC version for centuries and finally have it here … but maybe not what they expect. Although this desktop version works well and offers almost all the features of your mobile version does not have most desired: autonomous operation. Since Facebook bought WhatsApp while hopefully one day realize this ruling and gives users the ability to chat from your PC and from your PC only.

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